Each day our school schedule begins at 8:00 am. Each child will participate in a routine schedule full of activities and opportunities to learn and have fun. They will participate in calendar, snack, outside and inside free play, bible, math, phonics, art/cooking,  story time, science/discovery, music & movement.  Since 2002 we have used the Abeka Curriculum.  This curriculum is a faith-based, phonics program.  Click below to see an at-a-glance look at the scope and sequence of what Abeka has for your child.

In order to have a successful learning environment, it is our expectation that all staff, parents, and children will work together as a team at all times.  In our society today, our children have to face situations such as divorce, moving, loss of jobs, abuse of all kinds, and the chaos of a two-income household. They do not have the ability to process the stresses in their lives.  Today it really does take a community to raise our children.  We look forward to becoming a part of your family's community.