Mrs. Rosie is our founding director and acting interim director. She is also our administrator and business consultant. Ms. Deb will be taking over as Director in mid-June. Ms. Kayla is our social emotional learning specialist and early interventionist. You will see her at the front desk. Mrs. Shanna is our classroom support. She also works in the Kitchen and is responsible for transportation, and she may help you at the desk from time to time. 


Our mobile infants and toddlers classrooms are ages one and walking up to three years. Our Teddies Teacher is Mrs. Claudia, and her teacher's assistant is Ms. Alaijha. Our Pandas Teacher is Mrs. Sarina and her teacher's assistants are Ms. Lucy, Ms. Kathleen, and Ms. Tonia. 

Our preschool classrooms are ages three to four years. Our Penguins Teacher is Mrs. Latrica, and her teacher's assistant is Ms. Amanda. Our Monkeys Teacher is Mrs. Serena and her teacher's assistant is Ms. Eliza.
Our pre-K classrooms are ages four to five years. Our Owls Teacher is Mrs. Vicki, and her teacher's assistant is Ms. Erin. Our Giraffes Teacher is Ms. Kathy and her teacher's assistant is Ms. Tanya.

Our School Age Program consists of before and after school care, as well as programs during school breaks and summer. Our School Age  Teacher is Mrs. Lynn and her teacher's assistant is Ms. Lynette.